Coyote Warning


We have received numerous concerns about coyote sightings in the community. The Association has contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and here is what they have informed us. Coyotes are generally not a threat to people and are usually scared off easily. Killing or removing a coyote from a community can open space for another alpha male or female to move in. Coyotes are also a benefit to the ecosystem by providing natural and effortless pest and rodent control.

To reduce your chances of a negative encounter with a coyote, here is what they recommend:

  1. SECURE ATTRACTANTS: (a.k.a. human-related food sources) Do not leave pet food or garbage on your patio or balcony.
  2. KEEP PETS ON A SHORT LEASH: less than 6 ft. and in your control.
  3. DO NOT FEED COYOTES: It is actually ILLEGAL to do so.
  4. COYOTES ARE AFRAID OF HUMANS: Make sudden loud noises or gestures by yelling, using an air horn, or shaking an aluminum can filled with nuts, stones, or coins.